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CreatureCon Orlando Guests
from the May 2009 Show.

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Battlestar Galactica 1

Battlestar Galactica 2

Battlestar Galactica Conceptual Artist & Designer
Richard Livingston

Richard Livingston

Richard C. Livingston brings over 21 years experience in both feature and television animation as a layout and design supervisor, journeyman layout artist and visual development artist.

His Walt Disney Feature Animation screen credits include: Mulan, Tarzan, John Henry, Lilo and Stitch, Brother Bear and Brother Bear 2.

He has contributed conceptual design work for the Sci-Fi Channel Original Series Battlestar Galactica, for both the television Miniseries and Seasons 1-3. He recently cpmpleted work for Season 4, airing January 2008.

Richard recently completed design work on the bionics for the NEW NBC Series The Bionic Woman, airing Fall 2007 .

Richard attended Sheridan College's Animation program from 1980-1983. He moved to Orlando, Florida in 1995 from Toronto,Canada. He is married with twin daughters.

Ravenwood Enterainment

Captain Cosmos

Creature Productions

Creature Productions
Please Check our Show Events Page for Information on the Indpendent Filmmaking Presentation they will be giving.
Joel D Wynkoop

"King of the B Movies"
Joel D. Wynkoop

* Joel will now be facilitating a panel on Saturday afternoon at 4pm, check our Show Events Page for more information.*

Veteran B-movie horror actor Joel D. Wynkoop has long since been a favorite amongst fans of the humorous and the macabre. With a career spanning several decades, the characters he often portrays range from a demented masked madman in Wicked Games (1994), who kills various people with beer cans and garden sprinklers, to a psychotic policeman in Dirty Cop No Donut (1999), who spends his time terrorizing the local menace to society. While most of the films he appears in are shot on a shoestring budget, critics are almost always in agreement that they are more entertaining and imaginative than many of the larger horror films coming out of Hollywood.

Joel started in the business in 1984 with a direct to video movie called Twisted Illusions (YouTube - Twisted Illusions Trailer). This secured his partner Tim Ritter and himself one million dollars from a Chicago based production company called Peerless Films to do the motion picture Truth or Dare A Critical Madness (YouTube - Truth Or Dare? A Critical Madness Motion Picture Trailer).  Once they finished Truth or Dare they went onto make the movies Killing Spree (YouTube - Killing Spree Trailer), Wicked Games (YouTube - Wicked Games- Truth Or Dare Part 2 Trailer), Creep (YouTube - Creep Original Theatrical Trailer - 1995), Screaming for Sanity (YouTube - Screaming For Sanity: Truth Or Dare Part 3 Trailer), and Dirty Cop No Donut, while simultaneously launching Wynkoop's career with other movie makers.  Wynkoop went on to star in Rot, Scary Tales 1 and 2, Lost Faith (YouTube - Lost Faith Movie Trailer), The Bite, Goodindie the Bite, and most recently Shaawanookie (YouTube - Shaawanookie Trailer #1), Brainjacked (YouTube - Brainjacked Trailer), Unexpecting, Stopped Dead! and Herscell Gordon Lewis' Grim Fairy Tale.  Amongst his features Wynkoop has also appeared in several shorts and cameo spots in other indie productions.  Wynkoop  is also behind Wynkoop TV which cover events and is home to "The Joel Wynkoop Show."  

Jeffrey Breslauer

Jeffrey Breslauer

Actor, Writer, Voice-over Artist and Former Puppeteer

After graduating with a degree in Broadcasting from Hofstra University, Jeffrey began his career in New York in the mid-1970s. His puppeteering work can be seen in "The Muppets Take Manhattan" and "The Muppets at Walt Disney World".

Jeffrey played "The Dreamfinder," manipulating "Figment," the little dragon star of EPCOT's "Journey into Imagination". He voiced and manipulated the "Spider" mascot for Scholastic Publishers' video series of "Math Place Programs" for first and second grades.

Jeffrey's vocal talents have been heard in commercials, industrials, TV shows, audiobooks and theme parks as everything from a termite to a cartoon super hero. One of his personal favorites is voicing "The Joker" for Six Flags Amusement Parks.

Jeffrey recently finished a fifth audiobook; "Cheese Lords" by Chris A. Jackson. This sci-fi/comedy is a sequel to Chris Jackson's books, "Cheese Runners" and "Cheese Rustlers" which he also voiced. He also had the pleasure performing the audio book versions of Glenda C. Finkelstein's sci-fi novels; "The Edge of the Universe", and, along with Glenda and her husband Tony, Glenda's latest novel, "Nemesis Rising".

Another special project Jeffrey is Sounds Abound© On All Hallow's Eve, a spellbinding aural feast created with friends and partners at JMJ Entertainment, Jeff Evans and Mark Priest.

Jeffrey also contributed several voices and odd alien noises throughout a comic sci-fi audio project now available called "Alien Adventure - The Adventure: The Beginning - Episode Four". Check out He also voiced several characters in a new audiobook called "UFOs: God's Celestial Air Force".


In addition to performing on stage in such plays as "Breaking Legs" with Frank Gorshin (TV's "Riddler"), Jeffrey's work has graced several popular themed attractions in Orlando, Florida, including Walt Disney World, Sleuths Mystery Dinner Theatre (as everything from a detective to a maid to a stuttering florist), and Arabian Nights (as the Genie).

Jeffrey's on-screen work includes, "Police Academy V", "Matinee", "Wiseguy", "Superboy", "Swamp Thing: The TV Series", the Showtime movie, "Trade Off", the film, "Michael Kael vs. The World News Company" (which starred Mickey Rooney, William Atherton, Victoria Principal and Elliot Gould), "Dead End" (a zombie film starring Scream Queen Legends Linnea Quigley, Debbie Rochon and Nicola Fiore) AND the recent, critically acclaimed, Emmy winning HBO Movie, "Recount"; starring Kevin Spacey, Dennis Leary, and Laura Dern.

Jeffrey Breslauer Muppets

Knight Rider

KNT2000's Customs

The Knight Rider cars are coming to CreatureCon!!!  
Come out and see both K.I.T.T. and K.A.R.R.

, the evil prototype from the 3rd Season of Knight Rider

K.I.T.T., as the convertible, seen in the 4th and Final Season of Knight Rider
Rebel Legion Logo

Ra Kura Base

The Rebel Legion

The Rebel Legion is an international Star Wars costuming organization created by, of and for people interested in creating costumes from the Star Wars mythos. Research, create, build and improve your costumes in a place where costumers with similar passions share skills, tips and ideas. Jedi, Rebel Pilots, Troopers, Princesses and even Wookiees.... we've got them all....and we're always looking for more.

"We are the good guys!"

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