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CreatureCon Orlando Featured Artists
from the May 2009 Show.

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Dragon Hunter

Christian Slade

Christian Slade is a former Disney animator who worked on the Disney film "Brother Bear."  Christian received an M.A. Degree in Illustration from Syracuse University, and a B.F.A. in Drawing & Animation from the University of Central Florida. Among his current projects is the graphic novel series, Korgi, a gorgeously illustrated woodland fantasy about a young girl Ivy, and her korgi, Sprout.

Christian will be working with Ray Richardson at CreatureCon to create "Creatureatures." Check out our Events Page to learn more. 


Christian Slade SciFi Art

Austin Janowsky Art

Austin Janowsky

I have been celebrating over 10 years of obscurity in the comic community working on hi profile projects in very small doses! I have done inking most on books like Iron Man, Necormancer, Tomb Raider, X-men Unlimited, Students of the Unusual, Bubba the Redneck Werewolf as well as my own projects like 7th Millennium, TAN and my new project Stanley The Snowman. I have also done graphic design/illustration for Disney, Universal Studios, NASCAR, DC Comics Licensing. 

Nick Yakimovich Art

Nick Yakimovich

Nick Yakimovich is a 24-year-old artist living in Clearwater, FL. Nick attended the Art Academy of Cincinnati -- but like Kanye West hopes to make it big as a college drop-out. He has a variety of superhero sketch cards done in the traditional medium of watercolor. He hopes to one day work for Marvel Comics.

Carlos M Mangual

Self Portrait Comic

Carlos M. Mangual

Social Myth Studios

Carlos M. Mangual is the main guy behind Social Myth Studios. He's the creator of A Self Portrait Comic, an autobiographical romantic comedy about his search for true love, which he both writes and illustrates. His comic-book resume includes digital lettering for Razor Blade Apple Studios and Scare Tactix Graphix, digital coloring for Half Moose Media and Tiki God Studios, and other freelance work. He has a Bachelor's degree in graphic design from The International Academy of Design & Technology in Tampa, Florida. He currently resides in Oldsmar, Florida.

Sarah Herrin Siren

Sarah Herrin

Sarah Herrin is a 25 year old traditional artist who decided she wanted to draw almost 10 years ago. Using markers, she self-taught the basics, then took a couple of college classes and has recently been accepted to the Savannah College of Art and Design for Sequential Art. Her goal is to evolve her anime style into a more American style and looks up to artists such as Mike Choi, J. Scott Campbell, and the legendary Michael Turner. She enjoys drawing her original characters and the occasional fanart.

Sarah Herrin Art
Wiedemer & Mangold Comic

Nathan Wiedemer &
Steven Mangold

Nathan Wiedemer and Steven Mangold are the creative team of "Same Old Story," "Eugene," "Lord Phantasmor," and the forth coming "I Fight Everything."

Wiedmer & Mangold Art

Richard Green

Artist Richard Green, is a former animator for Disney, who worked on Beauty and the Beast, The Rescuers Down Under, and a Mickey Mouse short. He now creates fine art, developing a new series of classic creatures. 



Joel Carroll

Joel Carrol is a contributor to the popular " Flight" anthology.

Joel Carroll

Elder Thing


Amy Williams

Amy Williams has worked with various movie studios and game companies as a concept artist and illustrator.

Amy Williams

Robo Bird

Wayne Spencer Toitle

Wayne Spencer

Wayne Spencer is the creator of the Comedy/Action comic Clock Jumpers as well as other several other forthcoming series"

Wayne Spencer


Dan Boyd

Dan Boyd is the creator of, Lonely Robot, Don't Take Your Guns to Town, and The Cornucopiates.

Dan Boyd

Grim Furry Tales

Martin of Grim Crew

Martin is the writer, creator, and part-time doodler of Grim Furry Tales. He is a member of Grim Crew, a self-publishing house located in central Florida. Writing has been a hobby of Martin’s for most of his life; it is just within the last few years he has decided to start sharing his stories with the world. He has six short stories in the upcoming Grim Crew’s Dead Future being published soon. As well as several other upcoming projects inside and outside of Grim Crew.

Grim Furry Tales

Stanley Morrison

Stanley’s past projects include interior illustrations for an issue of Dragonlance “Age of Mortals “and “ Bestiary of Krynn”. Interior art for Dark Skull Studios. Cover art for Mountain Top Publishing and Pale Writer Publishing. He is currently working on gaming cards for Conquest of Arthenia, concept art for Altura studios, concept art for Boohag Studios, interior art for Doorways Magazine, Interior art for Q2A Media and card art for Hidden City Games (Bella Sara).

Mermaid Kiss

Tracy Cornett
with Grimm Visions

Grimm Visions

Born and raised on the western coast of Florida, Tracy is the daughter of an architect and an English teacher. Through them she was exposed to both art and mythology at a young age. Through the years she would dabble in many art forms before finally stumbling into photography by a series of chances. Throughout the years her love of the natural world and legends would play a key role in the inspiration for her art, long before she began photographing faeries.

She created her first fairy photograph in 1999 while studying art in college. Since then she has worked to bring this new medium to the world and bridge the gap between reality and fantasy. Grimm Visions was created in 2007 to showcase her unique interpretation of the old stories as well as tales of her own creation.

Joe Fauvel

Joe is a local artist living in Orlando but is originally from Boston. After meeting writer, Randy Taylor in 1999 they collaborated on Assassins' Guild with fellow artist Dustin Weaver and since developed the self publishing company Knightshift Entertainment. Joe then created his own comic book, CRY which is now in it's second issue with the third coming later this year. Joe is also a full time graphic designer for UCF and has also attended the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon Art in Dover, NJ. Attending shows and meeting fans is one of his favorite things to do in the industry.

Practical Futilities Bag
Practical Futilities Mask

Practical Futilities

Founded in November of 2008, Practical Futilities is headed up by two Artists, Jeannie Marie and Corey, with a combined crafting experience of over 30 years. We specialize in creating: costumes, leather masks, eye patches, unique jewelry pieces,emoticons, Kanzashi hair accessories,and one of a kind designer purses. Our inspirations come from anything and everything, but include: Anime, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Live Theatre, World Cultures, and our imaginations. Our philosophy is that art should be "touchedable". Therefore, all of our artwork is practical and useful, and by all means touchable! Custom orders are always accepted.

Practical Futilities

Ravenwolf Studios

Ravenwolf Studios

When thinking of Ravenwolf Studios you need only ask yourself “What’s in your Imagination?” Because this studio strives to bring your imagination to reality! If you can think it they can do it. They are vying to be a valued asset in the artistic community spanning across all forms of Comics, Music, and Entertainment. The company consists of a dynamic group of creators specializing in broad areas of skills to be a highly integrated and functioning production studio. Such as Traditional comic/conceptual / graphic design artist - Graven Ravenwolf , Traditional fine artist/ digital painter/graphic designer - Monica Delgado, 3D visual FX artist/animator /web developer- Matt Jolly, and International singer /songwriter/producer - Eli Black. Working on many properties one being the DALLAS (TV Series) Reunion Graphic mini novel. Their contributions never end even involved in working with charities such as March of Dimes and the American Cancer Society. Currently they are exclusive artists on Shane Moore’s - Abyss Walker Series. As you can see they are always diversifying. So, if you are intrigued by Ravenwolf Studios then click on the image to let them bring your imagination to reality!

Jeff Brennan

Jeff started working in comics in 1991 as an assistant to Brett Breeding as a background inker on "Superman." This led to a brief stint working in the DC comics bullpen, and an inking assignment on a "Deathstroke the Terminator" annual. He has worked as an animator/storyboard artist on shows like "Courage the Cowardly Dog," "Dragon Tales," "Jumanji," "Baby Felix the Cat," and "The Rosie O'Donnell Show."

Jeff pencilled a story in "Bart Simpson Comics," inked several comics for Heroic Publishing, including "Flare," "The Tigress," "The League of Champions," and "Liberty Girl." Recently Jeff has been using the computer to expand his artistry.

Jeff Brennan Bart

Paul Vincenti

Paul Vincenti Mermaid Banner

Paul Vincenti has been creating images (and some might say mischief) for over 25 years. Based in Orlando, Florida, Paul's style and subjects have a unique overlap between fantasy illustrations and the fine art world. Everyone agrees that Paul is blessed with boundless energy. His professional endeavors have spanned many media, including forays into musical composition and production.

Paul Vincenti Goddess
Mark S Dail &
Maura Grundmeyer

Mark S. Dail is a creative-type person who likes to draw stuff, and write things, but only when he is not busy plotting your untimely demise. Along with Maura Grundmeyer he has written several stories for AC Comics FemForce and has a pinup scheduled for FemForce 149. Next stop, world domination.

Mild-mannered engineer by day, Maura Grundmeyer transforms into Fiction Writer by night, changing the minds of all who doubt the power of the pen with short stories and comics. Her next AC Comics yarn will appear in Green Lama 2 this summer.

Fem Force 2

Dail & Grunmeyer 2Fem Force 1Dail & Grundmeyer 1

Emily Richards

Emily Richards

Emily Richards, also known as Aziena, is a Florida native, and currently resides in Orlando.  Her work often reflects the multicultural influences found in Florida.  Specializing in poly clay miniature sculpture, her pieces evoke whimsy and the essential freedom and happiness in us all.  She also enjoys creating found object works which tell a unique and multifaceted story.  Emily is also a Licensed Massage Therapist, and professional Belly Dance performer and instructor.

Mark Mekkes

Mark Mekkes is the creator of the long running webcomic Zortic and ETI-PI as well as the writer of Abby's Agency. Mark is also the founder of the Web Cartoonists' Choice Awards. At CreatureCon he'll be introducing his newest project Agent LF of the North Pole Spy Agency .

Agent LF

Mitch Hyman

Best known for his creation “Bubba the Redneck Werewolf” and doing parody work for magazines like “CRACKED” among others. Mitch started out in the comics’ field years ago doing horror comics and doing short stories for various book and magazine anthologies. Previous to this he worked in network TV as a “ghost” and special materials writer. He’s worked in films as a special EFX make up artist for several theatricaly released films. His Ad work for some of the biggest Advertising agencies and corporations in the country garnered him several nominations for Clio and Addy awards along the way. He is also an instructor fora creative writing and scripting course of studies at a local state college.

Bubba the Redneck Werewolf

Andrew McCabe

Andrew McCabe

Andrew McCabe is a commercial artist/producer with a ten plus year history of working with merchandise and character properties. Andrew began his career as a teenager starting the collectibles business now known as During this time, he was writing articles for toy magazines and building an educational foundation which culminated with receiving a Bachelors degree from SUNY New Paltz. After graduation Andrew ventured to Orlando to continue his career through the creation and production of character-based entertainment properties.

Andrew has worked along side top voice talent names including Larry Kenny (voice of Lion-o from Thundercats) and been on the other side of the studio glass as a director/producer. He is presently the senior creative director for Astonishing Toys ( which will be launching its first product lines later this year. Andrew is a leading the teams developing Chibi Essence, Astonishing Monster, and The Forsaken Dynasty. When you attend Creaturecon, be sure to talk to Andrew about toys from the 1980s and 1990s to get insight from a lifelong fan who has a history with the collectible value market as well a growing career in the production side of the toy and entertainment.


Derrick Fish

Derrick Fish is the artist and creator of the online comic strip, Dandy and Company! It's the slightly skewed misadventures of a dog and his boy and is online five days a week with an archive going back to 2001! -

He's also the creator of an all new comic set to premier in late 2009 called The Wellkeeper. The Wellkeeper is the tale of a young girl named Zoe who inherits a gift to access and control the life energy of the planet and all living things through portals all over the earth called Wellsprings and centers on her journey to escape from the dark forces that covet her power. -

Derrick has drawn back up stories for the Image comics series, PvP and the Red 5 Comics series, Atomic Robo.

Ray Richardson

Ray Richardson

Ray will be working with Christian Slade at CreatureCon to create "Creatureatures." Check out our Events Page to learn more. 

Other Artists Appearing

Even more artists will be appearing at CreatureCon. Check back for ongoing additons!

Bill Marimon  
Chaz Helms   
01 Comics, Inc. (including Thomas Florimonte, Michael McElroy, Kenny Durkin, & Barry Gregory)